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Ola Bands Website Revisions - What's new?

1. Charms Office Assistant

Charms Office Assistant is a new organizational website we are using for our forms, contact with the directors and much more. Ola Bands Charms account is now fully operational within our website. Use your class code from open house and get started!

2. Western Carolina University Trip

This year the Marching Mustangs are competing at the Tournament of Champions competition in North Carolina. On the home page you now have access to the bus and rooming lists - get your group coordinated today so you can get the best spots!

3. The Calendar! Okay... nothing new here, but hey, this is our MOST IMPORTANT COMPONENT OF THE WEBSITE! So, make sure you are up to date.

We hope that you find these revisions helpful and, as always, if you run into anything you would like to see changed - please send us an e-mail!


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