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Join the 2020 Ola HS Pep Band

08-06-20 Hello Ola Band Members, We are excited to announce that our marching band guidelines have recently been modified. Our marching band wind players will soon be allowed to play in a large group setting. We will certainly have to adhere to some new safety guidelines that are being crafted, but this is a great opportunity for us to begin to work on preparing our band students for our 2020 OMB Pep Band.

Our 2020 OMB Pep Band tentative rehearsal and performance schedule, along with additional registration information is now posted to our band website:

As the largest student organization on our campus, we are going to have to ensure that safety protocols are our top priority for our students. Be on the lookout next week for a more extensive look at how we will conduct our rehearsals this year.

Please help us to spread the word to any and all new or veteran band members that may want to participate in this great opportunity. We have a very short window to get everything ready for next week’s first rehearsal, so we are looking for a solid commitment to this group as soon as possible.

Also, for our students who may be seeking eligibility for the Fine Arts Diploma Seal, we have received confirmation that participation in the OMB pep band will count as an extra-curricular activity for the school year! This will be incredibly helpful for several of our current upperclassman band members.

I hope you will look over this information and consider joining up with the OMB Pep Band! We would love to have any and all OHS band students join us in this new adventure.

Let us know if you have any questions,

Todd Manson

Director of Bands at Ola High School

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