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Southland Greenhouses, Inc. is a family owned and operated wholesale greenhouse in Cobb County, GA. They have been growing strong since 1980. Southland is dedicated to our loyal customers who return again and again for our gorgeous, high-quality plants. 


People: Southland Greenhouses genuinely cares about people. Whether you’re a customer, employee, or someone that we get to impact in our community through our fundraisers or products – we care about you!


Value: Over the years, Southland has proven our commitment to value. We have chosen cost-effective methods to keep our costs minimal and make our products affordable to every type of customer we serve.


Beauty: At Southland, we aim to make every plant we grow or sell exemplary of the God-ordained beauty of nature. We recognize the deep, soul need for humans to have beauty in their lives and we are thankful we get to be a part of providing that beauty.

- Sale Dates:  October 31 - November 11

- $20 per Poinsettia (colors choices are above) and will be 8 inch pots.

- Pick up will be the first week of December from the bus lanes in the back of Ola High School.  Once the band places the order, Southland Nursery will provide an exact date.  We will communicate that date and time to the email address and mobile number that you provide at time of ordering.


Mike Bearden                  Josh Singleton

Director of Bands            Assistant Director of Bands

Ola High School               Ola High School


Thank you for supporting the Ola High School Band.





**This Sale Has Ended
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